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100th Post Anniversary

Tweet The last post was 100! So, as requested, here’s my arrangement of Elegy for bass and string ensemble. This link WILL EXPIRE IN 2 DAYS.

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My Bass & Bow

Tweet I added some picture of my bass and bow on my ABOUT page.

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100th Post

Tweet I’ve almost reached 100 posts here on! To celebrate, I’ll be giving away a download from my catalog. Any requests?

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Folding Bass

Tweet The Chadwick Folding Bass A truly portable bass! It’s a plywood design and definitely geared toward the traveling / gigging jazzer (or other pizzicato genre). Interesting! Here’s a video of the instrument being folded.

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Mark Morton

Tweet Check out Jason Heath’s interview with Mark Morton. I’ve took a lesson with Mark and have had many great bass conversations – he even contributed to my book, ‘An Introduction to Double Bass Playing‘.

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Valse Miniature for Bass & Strings

Tweet An arrangement I did of Valse Miniature for bass and strings is now available with an introductory price of $5.00.

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Keep the Beat! In style.

Tweet Rather than purchasing an expensive metronome, get a drum machine! Their much more flexible, programmable, and a lot of fun to use. Have a simple metronome on hand for simple work. Alesis SR-16 Stereo Drum Machine $159 Boss DB-90 … Continue reading

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New Rant posted

Tweet Rant on cheap instruments… AHH!!!!!!!!

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Anxiety Solutions

Tweet Here are some solutions to anxiety and nerves. This is from Men’s Health, April 2009, Page 40.

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More Flames

Tweet More pictures courtesy of C&D Custom Designs, available on the web through, CA based company, but MD built basses…

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What should your orchestra know?

Tweet Here’s some information I’ve been working for quite a while – it’s a general outline of what public school string students should know. I use the term “should” very loosely. As educators we are constantly adapting and modifying. But … Continue reading

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Wild Paint Jobs!

Tweet Check out these custom detail jobs. Photos courtesy of C&D Custom Designs, available on the web through, CA based company, but MD built basses…

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iPhone Practice Log

Tweet I love to log and track things. I monitor my practice, my exercising, moods, etc. but finding least obtrusive method can be difficult. I recently setup several calendars in iCal – one for practicing and one for exericising. The … Continue reading

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More iPhone App Usage

Tweet Here is a screen shot of an iPhone screen. The bottom four apps are my music apps. From left to right: GigBaby, Decibel, Pocket Piano, and TrollDrum My home screen has my favorite app – Chronology, the ultimate timer. … Continue reading

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Talent is Overrated

Tweet Once again, I was visiting my digital archives and found this article by Jim Citrin ____________________________________ Talent is Overrated by Jim Citrin Originally posted on YAHOO! Finance, Friday, November 21, 2008 If you listened to the mellifluous President-Elect Obama … Continue reading

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Dean Markley Turbo Tune

Tweet I bought this Turbo Tune from Bob Gollihur’s store. It’s a great accessory!

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Bored on a Sunday


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Competition & Audition Advice

Tweet Here’s a GREAT article by Rachel Barton Pine: Getting the Most from Your Competition Experience by Rachel Barton Pine

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Current Trajectory

Tweet I recently had a student ask me if he was good enough for a specific ensemble he saw on television. I said no and he was sort of crushed. So I explained my response. “It’s not that you couldn’t … Continue reading

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