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Once upon a time…

there was a bass player soooo bad, even the section noticed!

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If you’re looking for some cool interviews and demonstrations in the electric guitar and bass realm, check out

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Lots of practicing

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The Perfect Bass-mobile

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Rockin’ Out!

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Why Music?

Karl Paulnack Welcome Address An excerpt from a welcome address given to parents of incoming students at The Boston Conservatory on September 1, 2004, by Dr. Karl Paulnack, director of the Music Division.

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Mozart on Guitar

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Me, My Bass, & Miloslav Gajdos

circa 2005

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Tragedy struck Thursday in the first of two sold-out Andrew Bird concerts at the opulent Civic Opera House. Bird’s musical weapon of choice – his violin — was mortally wounded when it slipped from his hands near the end of … Continue reading

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Bass Aboard A Plane

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iPhone Guitar App

I play some jazz guitar and was looking for a chord reference. After going through several applications I found Guitarist’s Reference. It’s a little slow to load but it very complete and feature rich!

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New Link

Check out Bass Guitar Blog. It’s similar to MostlyBass or DoubleBassBlog but with the focus being on bass guitars.

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Shar Music, You Suck

Your poorly made Franz Hoffman bass makes a 3rd grade girl want to quit in frustration. Thanks. The fingerboard has warped so bad the G string rests against it. The adjusters – yeah, they’re useless. I moved the bridge to … Continue reading

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Reiteration of my string recommendation

I have to reitereate my recommendation for Pirastro Obligato strings. These strings are great and can make a bad bass sound reasonable! Yesterday, a student and I put Obligatos on this bass and the change in sound was remarkable. No, … Continue reading

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More Insane Bass

Alright maybe insane isn’t the right word. But, wow! Jean Baudin Gear Jean Baudin Duet

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“If you play only barre chords…

you’ll play only in bars.” – John Scofield

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News from MB Washington Bureau

Economic Crisis Takes It’s Toll on Live Music Early Reports Point to Many Changes, and Cutbacks Washington Bureau C.S. , Special Contributor Amidst national concern over the failing U.S. Economy, many performance bands are streamlining their groups to cut … Continue reading

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The Classical Sky Is Falling!! RUN!!!!

Good morning everyone! Through Double Bass Blog I found this blog from the Milwaukee Symphony’s Principal violist. I feel it has particular merit due to his position and therefore insight in to the orchestral world. Anyway…It got me thinking….

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New Contributor!

Here’s a an awesome article by new MostlyBass contributor, Chris Strough. How Competitive Are You? An introductory guide on what type of band / orchestra is right for your player.

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Insane Basses!

Here’s one in action!

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