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New Music

Looking for an original composition / commission? Check out Michael D. Blostein.

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Studio Speakers

Recently I was shopping for speakers for my iPod and iPhone to use in my teaching studio. Although the official docking stations are nice and have many features they are expensive and most are not iPhone compatible. So I ended … Continue reading

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Suzuki Soup

Suzuki Soup is a composition I wrote featuring the melodies of Suzuki Book 1. It is a medley in a fiddling type style. I thought that since most string students study these tunes it would be fun to play them … Continue reading

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The arco jazz bass project.

To promote improvising with the bow, one jazz standard is offered on the homepageĀ once monthly. The download is for free. For each title there will be one mp3-file with solo bass which plays themes and improvisation as an example, and … Continue reading

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Virtual Keyboard

A virtual keyboard – great for young students.

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One for the electric players

Here’s the bass line to Free’s “All Right Now”. I found this in my archives – must have been from Bass Player magazine circa 1990. The first page is shown and you can download the 2 page PDF here.

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How much should you charge for private lessons?

My theory is this – find the person just above you: either in education, job, or experience and charge $10 per hour less. For example when if the local bassist with a masters is charging 70 and you have a … Continue reading

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For Music Educators

Do you need help creating documents and worksheets?I’m very good with Word, Pages, Sibelius, Excel, Numbers, Photoshopt, etc… Let me know! Below is a sample I use in my classroom. And, in this economy, rates are quite reasonable šŸ™‚

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Bass Musician Magazine

Check out Bass Musician Magazine – an online ‘zine. It seems to be geared toward the electric players but I’m impressed with the amout of articles on theory, practicing, and general musicianship!

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Practice Stagnation

So lately my practicing has been in a state of stagnation. I’m still practicing but it’s a bit of a chore. But one must press on so I decided to change some things. I firmly believe in a practice area … Continue reading

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