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What instruments / bows do you recommend to students?

Tweet What style / kind / brand  of the following do you generally recommend to students: Upright Bass: Bow: Electric Bass: Amp:

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Pre-Practice Tips

Tweet Rather than focusing on recording practice time in a log, consider a pre-practice log. A sort of pre-flight checklist. What is the plan for the session? What spots will you work on? What is the outcome? How long will  … Continue reading

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Practice Record

Tweet Here’s a practice record you can download. Download the PDF HERE.

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Moleskine Notebooks

Tweet I’m a huge fan of Moleskine notebooks. They’re sturdy and use high quality paper. Check out their music notebooks:

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Why Choose?

Tweet More details at his website.

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A Technology Filled Lesson

Tweet This evening I taught a lesson to student preparing for an audition. I wanted to be able to hand him a ‘dry run’ DVD of his playing for him to evaluate  before we film the actual audition. So I … Continue reading

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Tweet “Nothing which life has to offer is worth the price of worry.” Napolean Hill

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Personal Coaching

Tweet I’m looking to use my skills in the field of personal coaching. As a music teacher, much of my job is basically personally coaching. During a rehearsal, I organize, analyze and review data. Then I decide what to do … Continue reading

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Egos, the Students, and The Greater Good

Tweet If emotions are at the core of learning, why do music educators and ensemble directors consistently ignore the student’s emotions? Nearsightedness and for their own emotions.  Or perhaps we should be thinking about future emotions. It is easier to … Continue reading

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A Note To Parents

Tweet First, thank you for supporting the arts and your daughter / son’s musical education! There are many benefits to this, which have been documented in many sources. Now, what can you as a parent do to help your child … Continue reading

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Beginner Electric Bass Method

Tweet For a great beginner electric method for young students check out: Bass 101: A Contemporary Approach to Bass Playing by Ron Manus & L.C. Harnsberger I’ve been using it with a 5th grader and it’s perfect! For a more … Continue reading

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My All County Jazz Audition

Tweet When I was in high school I auditioned for the all county jazz band. I had prepared several scales and solos on my electric bass. There were 5 or so us going and after school us and our band … Continue reading

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Practice Record Thoughts Revisited

Tweet I’m a logger – I keep track of just about everything and have many journals, both paper and electronic. I was reviewing my notes on practice records and here are some of my current thoughts. For the public school … Continue reading

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