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Math & Music

Rhythm is the elementary level of mathematics in music. The true examples lie in other areas such tuning and construction. The latest edition of The Strad has a great article on the mathematics involved in just making the scroll. Click the picture to download a PDF of the article.

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Tendon Surgery Update

12/24/11 – On September 2, I had tendon surgery on my right arm to alleviate tendinitis. The surgeon sliced the tendon, cut out scar tissue, and shaved a little bit of bone where the tendon attaches. Although the surgeon said … Continue reading

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D’Addario Zyex Update

After a year with my D’Addario Zyex strings I am still very happy with them. Both pizzicato and arco sound great. They speak well and the upper register sounds great. My only negative, albeit small, is the extended E (C) … Continue reading

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Alternate Tuning

I play some music where I tune the G string up to an A. I have been tuning an orchestra G string up to an A. What do you think? [poll id=”7″]

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Web Sites and Links

I’m currently working on the next edition of “An Introduction to Double Bass Playing”. I only include a few web links in the book. Are there any you think should be there?

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