Teacher & Conductor-isms

Do you have a favorite saying that your teacher or conductor often repeats? Post it in the comments!! You do NOT have to identify the person and in some cases it may be better not to…

Here’s one from a regular reader:

  • When Warren Benfield thought I was using too much rosin he said, “Don’t be a rosaholic.”
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6 Responses to Teacher & Conductor-isms

  1. Mike Saville says:

    “not just nearly right, really right”

  2. Admin says:

    “Um… Yeah… that was pretty bad…” but this teacher said it in such a nice way!!

  3. Admin says:

    Ooompf, it needs more oompf! (as said to a chamber orchestra)

  4. Tony says:

    After playing through the 1st movement of a concerto–“I don’t know what you want me to say.” MH

  5. Tony says:

    Eugene Levinson Aspen Music Festival

    “You’re like half-musician. You only know orchestra music, no soli.”

    “New York Philharmonic is greatest orchestra in all world. America is great country. You can buy Volvo.”
    “Every bass player should play tennis for their bow arm.”

  6. Tony says:

    Maybe you’ll get this by osmosis.
    -Michael Hovnanian-

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